BergWozzeck (c.90 mins)

Semi-staged performance

Sung in German with English supertitles


Cast includes:

Wozzeck Roman Trekel

Marie ElenaZhidkova

Drum-Major Thomas Blondelle

Captain Tom Randle

Doctor Nathan Berg

BBC Singers

The Choristers of St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh


Donald Runnicles conductor

Kenneth Richardson director

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

“Wretches like us – we’ll always be cursed, in this world and the next”. Wozzeck is at the bottom of  the heap – an underdog made for kicking, and a soft target for the powerful, the cynical and the cruel. And as his spirit reaches snapping point, Alban Berg’s devastating opera tells the story in some of the most searching – and searing – music of the 20th century. Wozzeck is one of those dramas that everyone needs to experience for themselves, and this semi-staged performance, with Donald Runnicles conducting some of the finest living interpreters of these roles, will leave you reeling.

There will be no interval in this performance.

Prelude: 6.45pm in the Recital Room

Douglas Jarman, author of The Music of Alban Berg, introduces Wozzeck.

There will be no coda after this concert.