Rameau Suite no.1 from ‘Les IndesGalantes’ (c.12 mins)

John Adams Absolute Jest for String Quartet and Orchestra (c.22 mins)

Rebel Chaos (from ‘Les Elemens’) (c.6 mins)

Beethoven Symphony no.2 (c.35 mins)


Doric String Quartet

Markus Stenz conductor

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Comedy is a serious business. Beethoven knew that when his exuberant Second Symphony cheerfully booted the classical rule-book out of the window; and John Adams certainly knew it when he leafed through the scherzos of Beethoven’s late string quartets and transformed them into Absolute Jest: a one-off concerto for string quartet that takes Beethoven seriously enough to laugh along with him. As soloists, the Doric String Quartet definitely get it: and guest conductor Markus Stenz gets it too, pairing Beethoven and Adams with two riotously inventive French Baroque showpieces that prove that the best jokes never get old.


Prelude: 6.45pm in the Recital Room

Markus Stenz in conversation.

Post-Concert Coda (approximately 10 minutes after the main concert)

The Doric String Quartet gives a short recital.